Baking with Sourdough


Course Leader: Angela Malmgren


Course Description

In this course, you will learn to bake using the simplest and most healthy ingredients. We will cover the basic science of fermentation, learn about wild ferments, and how to bake using wild yeast!

You will have some hands-on experience baking using various different recipes. We will discuss the role of different flours in baking, kneading techniques, and what to do with all of your extra sourdough culture.

If you are a beginner to sourdough, we will show you how to get your own sourdough starter going, and you will go home with a finished starter to try out your new skills.

Our course location features a wood-fired oven, so we will have the chance to try our hands at baking an authentic wood-fired sourdough pizza as well, which we will enjoy together as a celebration of our efforts.

Cost: CHF 80

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