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Setzling Workshop March 2021-15
Setzling Workshop March 2021-24

Our Offer

We offer workshops on a variety of topics related to permaculture, gardening, food preservation, and healthy living. Our workshops are designed for small groups and a hands-on experience.
All of our workshops can also be booked as a team event or private event. Contact us for more information.

Seedlings for the House Garden

Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables from seed? Then this course is for you! This 2-part course will take you through the basics of growing seedlings in your own home, without complicated equipment.

Introduction to Permaculture

An introduction to the principles and ideas underlying permaculture, beginning with why it is important for us to look at how we interact with the land we use to produce our food, and leading toward solutions for a more sustainable world.

Worm Composting

In this workshop you will learn the basics of worm composting. We will talk about soil health and how it affects our food, as well as what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

Herbal Salts and Seasonings

Spice up your kitchen with fresh, homemade herbal salts! In this class, you'll learn about the qualities and properties of different salts, which herbs and spices work best in salts, and how to make your own herbal salts from scratch.

The Basics of Fermentation

Often if you have your own garden, you are blessed with an overabundance at some point in the season. Learn how to create a healthy fermented product from these vegetables. This is a beginner course, covering the basics of vegetable fermentation.

Baking with Sourdough

Sourdough is the oldest form of leavened bread, dating back to ancient Egypt. It is also a way to bake using the simplest and most healthy ingredients. In this course will cover the basic science of fermentation, learn about wild ferments, and how to bake using wild yeast.

Food Preservation

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of how to safely prepare and preserve fruits and vegetables for long-term storage. You will also have the chance to gain some hands-on experience as we prepare a few easy recipes together. 

Elder: A Bounty in the Backyard

In this workshop you will learn how to identify and responsibly harvest elderflowers and berries. We will begin with a hike in a suburban and forested area where we will harvest from the elderbushes. We will then process our harvest, and taste the fruits of our labor.