Hunting Wild Weeds

Hunting Wild Weeds

Animals need natural retreats and that is why we are expanding our wilderness zone. A journey of discovery in the wild herb land is also on the programme.

The permaculture garden for children is located at the permaculture farm Auenhof bei Feldbach, a learning and demonstration farm affiliated with the Academy for Permaculture Design "Down to Earth".

The permaculture farm Auenhof bei Feldbach supports this program.

This is a 5-day bilingual (g/e) permaculture course without overnight accommodation. Please note that we will be outside in all weathers. A tent and barn are available for protection from the elements.

The course is led by professional educators and permaculture experts, Lobke Beks (German) and Angela Malmgren (English).

Practical info:

  • Mon 25 April, 2022 - Fri 29 April, 2022
  • Start 8:00, end 16:00 (Friday end 14:00)
  • 12 children can participate (6 - 12 years old)
  • CHF 500.-
  • Includes morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack
  • Meeting Point: Bahnhof Feldbach

*Financial problems should not be a reason for non-participation. We offer 2 scholarships per course - please contact us!

Hunting Wild Weeds (25th - 29th April 2022)