Harvest Time!

Harvest Time!

August is harvest month! We look what we can harvest in the garden and collect in nature. We then process this colorful mix in a variety of ways.

Just like in the past, we dive into the world of foragers and discover what nature has to offer. Vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries, flowers, seeds and maybe even mushrooms are on the collection list. We will only take what we need to make herbal tea, healing ointment, ingredients for muesli, plant dyes and much more.
We are looking forward to discovering, creating, crafting and much more together!

The permaculture garden for children is located at the permaculture farm Auenhof bei Feldbach, a learning and demonstration farm affiliated with the Academy for Permaculture Design "Down to Earth".

This program is supported by the permaculture farm Auenhof bei Feldbach as well as WWF.

This is a 6-day bilingual (German/English) permaculture course with overnight accommodation. 

The course is led by professional educators and permaculture experts, Lobke Beks (German) and Angela Malmgren (English), with support from WWF staff.

Practical info

  • Six-day course with overnight stay
  • Mon 7th August, 2023 - Sat 12th August, 2023
  • Start 10:15, end 14:00
  • 14 children can participate (9 - 12 years old)
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner 
  • Accommodation: hayloft, outdoor shower
  • CHF 520.00

*Registration and contact via WWF

*Registrations for this course run through WWF. Click below for more information and to register.