The Permaculture Gardens at Popup Dietlimoos


at Popup Dietlimoos

 Garden Manager: Angela Malmgren


Project Description

The Permaculture Gardens are designed to provide the people living in the Dietlimoos area with outdoor community spaces, learning opportunities, as well as fresh produce throughout the growing season.

This project was initiated by the Verein Popup Dietlimoos, and is supported by the Adliswil community and ReGeneration Permaculture.

The gardens are designed with "keyhole garden beds" which are available on a sponsorship basis to private individuals, families, businesses or schools. The sponsorship includes your own planting space as well as professional instruction and guidance throughout the gardening season.

The garden is maintained through volunteers. Regular work days and "Permablitz" days take place regularly to ensure that the gardens are well cared for. A staff member from ReGeneration Permaculture provides guidance and manages the maintenence of the site.

Workshops are held on the site regularly covering a range of topics in the area of gardening and permaculture.

The Popup Dietlimoos Café provides coffee, delicious homemade food and baked goods. A percentage of the harvest from the gardens can be found on the cafè menu.

Check out our calendar for upcoming volunteer days and events.

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