Urban Permaculture


Course Leader: Angela Malmgren


Course Description

Did you know, you do not have to have a farm or even a garden to put the principles of permaculture to work in your life? You can produce a percentage of your own healthy, nutrient-dense food, even with the smallest space.

Permaculture is all about intelligent design. It takes into account all factors to maximize the use of resources and energy in a system. Applied to small gardens, these principles can have an an amazing effect.

In this workshop, you will learn about the roots of permaculture as well as the basic principles underlying permaculture design. we will discuss why permaculture is such an important topic in the world today, and how it can help to regenerate not only our farmland, but our urban saces as well.

You will learn how to apply the principles and practices of permaculture to whatever growing space you have, as well as how to integrate sustainable practices in your daily life.

Cost: CHF 80

Included: Resources and information to create your own permaculture paradise at home

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Saturday July 10, 2021


Zollikon, Switzlerland