Elderflower: A Bounty in the Backyard



Course Leader: Angela Malmgren


Course Description

The scent of elderflower is difficult to describe, with notes of vanilla, citrus and rose, it reminds us of warm sunshine.

Elderflowers are common at the edge of forests, but also in suburban and even urban gardens. It is likely that you have an elderflower bush somewhere within walking distance to your home.

These blossoms are useful in many ways, from the traditional elderflower syrup, to cakes, sweets, medicinal teas, and even elderflower champagne.

In this workshop you will learn how to identify and responsibly harvest elderflowers. We will begin with a hike in a suburban and forested area where we will gather some elderflowers. We will then process our harvest into elderflower syrup and a citrus elderflower jelly as well as taste testing some additional elderflower recipes.

You will go home with samples from our work, recipes, and inspiration to make use of this early summer bounty!

Cost: CHF 80

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