at the Permaculture Farm


Weekly Program at the Permaculture Farm

Course Leaders: Angela Malmgren and Lobke Beks


Course Description

This group will be learning about permaculture in a hands-on way. We are building up a children's permaculture garden on a working permaculture farm in the Züri Oberland!

The Auenhof bei Feldbach, located in the beautiful Züri Oberland, is a learning and demonstration farm where permaculture workshops and trainings are held throughout the year.

In these sessions, the children will learn about topics such as permaculture design principles, companion planting, composting and vegetable gardening.

With the guidance of the course leader, the children will be physically building up the garden beds, paths and permaculture elements in the children's garden. Of course, there will also be quiet time for reflection, for socialization and for enjoying the farm environment.

Language: English/German

Ages: 6-12 years old

Group Size: Maximum 12 children, with 2 adults


Auenhof bei Feldbach

Gamsten 14

8714 Feldbach

Upcoming Courses:

Session 1 (May 4th - June 15th, 2022)

Wednesdays from 14:00-17:00 (including snack)

Session 2 (August 24th-Ocotber 5th, 2022)

Wednesdays from 14:00-17:00 (including snack)

Cost: CHF 360.00 per child (full booking) or

CHF 65.00 per child, per class (partial booking)

*Do you need financial assistance? We offer 2 scholarships per session. Contact us for more information.

Session 1, 2022 (full booking)
Session 1, 2022 (partial booking)
Session 2, 2022 (full booking)
Session 2, 2022 (partial booking)