Children in Permaculture



Our Children in Permaculture Programs

“Permaculture is a design system that creates resilient, sustainable relationships between human beings and the rest of the natural world.”

-The Children in Permaculture Manual

In our Children in Permaculture programs, children learn, explore and observe in nature. They experience the changes in the seasons through direct contact with the natural world.

Through planting, growing, harvesting and sharing fruits and vegetables, children have the opportunity to value and understand the sources of their food. Our group interactions and activities are centered around the three basic permaculture  principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

Learning about nature allows children to develop a love for the natural world. A love for the natural world inspires engagement. Learning to live on this Earth in a sustainable way is something vital for us and for our children.



Bimonthly Permaculture Group for Children

ages 6-9

Permaculture Farm Auenhof bei Feldbach

Weekly Permaculture Group for Children

ages 6-12

Holiday Camps

Permaculture Holiday Camps for children

ages 6-12