Permaculture Consultation and Design

Environmental Education

ReGeneration Permaculture offers garden design and consultation for private individuals, families, schools and urban spaces. We hold workshops for children and adults covering many different topics linked to work with gardens, food production and food preservation. We also work with schools, offering educational workshops, project weeks and excursions with a focus on environmental education.


Permaculture Consultation and Design

Consultation and design services for gardens of any size, from balcony gardens to food forests.



Project weeks, excursions and workshops for school classes from kindergarten to secondary school.


and Courses

Classes and workshops for adults in many different areas, including gardening and food preservation


Children in Permaculture

Summer Session

Our Wehrenbachtobel children's group is happy to welcome the summer season. We have a great program lined up with many different nature-based experiences and activities for children ages 6-9.

Click below to learn more or to reserve a space in our group.

Urban Permaculture

June 5, 2021

Join us to learn how to create your own permaculture paradise at home!

We will look into the many different permaculture practices that can be applied even to the smallest spaces.

Elderflower: A Bounty in the Backyard

June 19, 2021

Come and walk with us through the forest to discover the history and many uses of the lovely elderflower.
We will learn to identify elderflower, how to responsibly harvest them and try out some delicious recipes. Join us to discover this seasonal bounty.